Welcome to art by Carol Pilon

Artist Statement

Once upon a time, while I was taking a break from wrenching on my airplane, I noticed the beauty that was displayed across the hangar floor by various, discarded aircraft components. I decided that this deserved some consideration. A few years later, I have collected enough old parts to start building a collection of art. To call it my art would be somewhat misleading. The art belongs to my loyal steed, Royal Rhapsody. For the last twenty  years, this incredible Stearman has allowed me to express joy, empathy, rage and love through flight. Now she is giving me a new medium through which to again express the fundamental power of flight.

Some of the pieces come with great stories of the breakdown, others are merely preventative maintenance stories. Either way, I have found a great way to keep telling the story of my beautiful flying machine. Most pieces begin with a rugged construct of aged barn wood. This wood comes from one of the buildings on the farm where I grew up. I chose the barn wood theme for a simple reason: I am a Barnstormer.

As each piece is unique, please check in with me to ensure availability and to discuss shipping options. I can be reached at or 1-819-665-1133. Throttle it up, Baby!