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Self Biography...

 Once upon a time, someone told me that I could not be a wing walker. They were almost right, yet here I stand, the most authentic of wing walkers. Maybe I succeeded in this lofty quest because I demonstrated a higher than average will to succeed or maybe it was simply because I hate to see a smarty pants be right. 

It all started for me when I spied a television commercial depicting a wing walker. It was the first time that I had ever heard of it. All it took was a three second clip and I was heads over heels in love. Right then and there, I knew what the rest of my life was going to be about: becoming, being or remaining a wing walker. Sixteen years later, I'm still working on living the dream and what a journey it has been.

Along the way, I ended up walking with 17 different pilots, 10 of which I trained for wingwalk accreditation, on 6 different types of aircraft. I have walked on a Quicksilver with 45 hp and just to make sure that I hit the other end of the spectrum, I walked on a jet equipped Waco for a year and a half that had an output of 3000 hp. Formation, dual, night time, pyro and in the dead of winter wing walking have all become part of my portfolio but I really excell at solo, aerobatic walking.

I became the first and only woman to walk on a jet, the first and only woman in North America to own and operate a team, the first wing walker to become a team lead. I became the first and only Canadian wingwalker. I was a founding member of one of the first all female wing walking teams in 2001 and then I formed another one in 2011. I am the first and only woman to walk on a Harvard. Just  to make sure that you are all paying attention, I put it all out there in a reality based documentary series called "Airshow" that aired twelve episodes in 2015 and is still repeating as I write this. It aired in Canada, Latin America, Arabia, Europe and Africa netting 17 million world wide viewers over twelve weeks. Along with our normal media, it placed our media hits at 208 million impressions that year.

in case you missed it, you can still catch Dieux du Ciel. Another documentary series that features my team and will air it's ten episodes in 2016.

In the past, I was cast as a stunt actress in the Fox feature presentation of Amelia staring Hillary Swank and Richard Geer. In 2011, I made the Macleans list of top 9 Canadian Daredevils. I also hold title for first and second documented winter wingwalks.

I am a certified airframe technician, a USDOT certified motor carrier, I am working towards AFF accreditation and have resumed flight training after a twenty year hiatus.

in the mentoring field, I have trained one team and one wingwalker to fruition. I have trained to accredit ten pilots to wingwalk accreditation. I have assisted a pilot in obtaining his low level waiver through my air show schedule. Currently, I am training a new wingwalker with a position on my team and I am acting as consult to a new European team.

Amid all of this, I will keep driving truck, building airplane, breaking both, fixing them up and starting all over again. I might curse the weather Gods,  the air boss or my own failings at times. I might get hurt, catch on fire or loose my cool. The one thing I can promise though is that I will get the job done professionally and I will probably be having more fun than anyone getting a pay check has a right to. I am after all, only human and my story is one of triumph over adversity.....a story that I am fortunate enough to share with the world.

Glimpse me if you think you can, while I tempt fate with open hand. Fear what you will but not for me. This is my life, my destiny. Throttle it up, Baby!